Our project

Who are we :

A family of four, used to travel around. We sum up more than 40 countries on our passports, met in Tunisia, our daughter could have been born in Mozambique, our son travelled abroad at the age of 1 and a half. To put in a nutshell we love meeting people and discovering places.


What we want to do:

We have some time and decided to use it to travel around the Americas to share with people. In order to bring something more to others, we want to organize open air cinema.



If logistic allows, we should land in Argentina beginning of December 2013 and wait there for our camping car.



If time allows, we plan to drive down to Ushuaia, then North through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, central America, mexico, the US, Canada.



Because life is there to be lived, earth is there to be discovered, people to be met. Who knows, this travel may bring other meaning to this travel.

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